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Our worldwide success is based on professional competence and the commitment of our employees. All of us will contribute with highest personal engagement, the ability for team-playing and excellent performance to realize our concepts and projects. Our vision is noticeable in all of our projects and equipments.

The engagement of each individual employee and the team and our corporate culture allows us to rise new challenges, to create new, innovative solutions or technologies and solving the crossover into reality for customer use

As a member of P&P Industrietechnik you can proof your competencies worldwide in a lot of different areas. (Process Engineering, Automation, Mechanic Engineering, Construction, Electric Engineering, Project Planning…) Send us your application documents and be a part of P&P Industrietechnik GmbH.

We consider qualified employees to be the most important prerequisite for the success of the company. The consistent building up of strength as well as the encouragement of employees is a considerable part of our corporate culture. Therefore we are always looking for engaged and competent people, being ready for new common challenges. We will be pleased to receive your convincing, written convincing letter of application. We are also pleased to receive speculative applications.