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Waste gas treatment

One of our core competencies are) P&P waste gas treatment systems


  • Sulphur Oxidation Process (SOP) Plants
  • Catalytic Oxidation Process (COP) Plants
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) Plants
  • Ammonia gas Treatment Process (ATP) Plants
  • Scrubbing System Process (SSP) Plants
  • Filter systems (Electrostatic and hot gas filters)


Plant technology

P&P is active in Green Technology, heat transfer systems, heating & cooling technologies and waste air treatment systems.


We deliver either both turn-key plants or and engineering in different stages (BDP basic Engineering or detail engineering)


Special P&P plant equipments are planned, dimensioned and constructed / designed in our own development division and are developed and customized in our own workshop.
Our product range:

  • Fin tube heat exchangers (carbon steel for high temperatures)
  • Glass tube heat exchangers (for corrosive medias)
  • Honeycomb catalysts
  • Scrubbers
  • Distribution Ceramic layers
  • Hot gas filters
  • Electrostatic filters


P&P is producing hardware and software solutions for DCS and PLC systems, which are specially tuned for your applications.

With our systems the staff’s work on difficult and dangerous challenging tasks is more effective, more precise, quicker and fail-safe more successful.

All electrical and control cabinets are produced and pretested by specialists in our own workshop in Austria.

Industrial Filters

P&P Filters for new plants or for renewal or integration in already existing plants are customer specific dimensioned, planned, constructed, designed and implemented on site by our own staff specialists.

We also like to plan and implement pilot installations to get optimized results in waste gas treatment and to get possible results and measurements before starting the project.


P&P Filters:

  •  Electrostatic filters (wet or dry process)
  •  Hot gas filters
  •  Bag filters (mechanical)


    Heat exchangers


    P&P Industrietechnik offers heat exchangers by our own production. Nearly unique in Europe, we design, calculate, construct, design and produce your specific heat exchangers. Depending on the type of media, we use different types of heat exchangers.


    • Fin Tube Heat Exchanger (carbon steel -> with high efficiency and for high temperatures)
    • Glass Tube Heat Exchanger (for corrosive medium like H2SO4)